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Success Stories

We welcome the challenge to solve your toughest computer problems. See why more and more Atlanta homeowners and business people call Plait Solutions every day:

Case History #1:  Hijacked!

A business client noticed that the eight networked office computers were running more and more slowly. Sometimes it took as long as four or five minutes to get a simple Web page up on a screen. 

The Plait Solutions technician began his diagnosis by isolating the network from the Internet and examining each workstation. He quickly determined The problem PC had been hijacked and was processing illegal online credit card transactions at the rate of approximately 20 per second. It was also preventing legitimate traffic from making it to the network.

  • The trouble source was diagnosed.
  • The problem PC was cleaned up and put back on the network
  • Additional Internet security was installed.
  • Business operations are back to normal and the client has peace of mind.


Case History #2: Wireless Security Solutions

A writer using a laptop for work experienced an odd problem. Every weekday at about the same time -- approximately 3:45 pm— her wireless network slowed down noticeably. Because the ability to do online research was critical to her completing her manuscript on time, the client quickly became frustrated and called Plait Solutions.

This problem required detective work. The Plait Solutions technician timed the service call so that he could monitor network performance beginning at 3:30 pm. While examining the computer, the observant technician noticed the teenaged son of the client’s neighbor arriving home from school. Subsequently, the network connection became sluggish. Based on his knowledge and experience, the tech had a hunch—and soon discovered he was right. The neighbor was logging onto the Internet almost immediately upon getting home each day, and was downloading large video and audio files using the client’s wireless network.

  • The tech’s knowledge and experience led to a quick diagnosis.
  • A friendly visit to the neighbor’s home once parents had arrived confirmed the problem. (It turned out Dad didn’t want to spring for Broadband access, so the son had bought a wireless card for his PC after discovering that his neighbor had not protected her wireless access from intrusion)
  • The technician convinced the neighbor parents to acquire Broadband access, along with parental control software.
  • Additional security software was installed on the client’s laptop to prevent future problems.
  • The client was able to complete her work on time.


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Windows Tip

Windows 7 release is right around the corner.  There is a tool available from Microsoft that will evaluate your current system(s) to determine whether or not each PC will run Windows 7 properly.  It identifies each specific area of the computer (hardware and software) and tells you specifically what needs to be done to bring it up to Windows 7’s requirements.  Click here to download the Windows 7 Advisor.

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