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Residential Services

Depend on us to make your home technology dependable. We’ll choose a technician for you—a computer professional who will get to know your system and your needs, and will be your personal contact to keep your system operating smoothly and efficiently. That way we can quickly diagnose problems and keep you up and running.

Best of all, we communicate at your level. Whether you’re new
to computers or a seasoned user, we’ll work with you to help you
understand your system and make the most of your technology investment.

Get the peace of mind of knowing that your computer is working efficiently and your personal information is secure.

Our Services

Preventive maintenance:
Let us clean up your computer and get it running quickly and smoothly. Learn more

Upgrade installation:
Sometimes all you need to make your computer run more quickly is a minor upgrade. Learn more

Equipment sourcing, purchase, and installation:
We can help you choose the right equipment, install it, and make it work with what you already have. Learn more

Moving, setup, and installation services:
Count on us to get your equipment safely packed, moved, and installed at your new home. Learn more

Home networks
Wish you could set up a network in your house so you can share a printer or work from any computer without transferring files?  You can! Learn more

Repairs and data recovery
Depend on us to respond quickly when you have a problem. Learn more

Security assessment and vaccination
Plait Solutions is your security and privacy expert. Learn more

We provide the one-on-one training you need to feel comfortable and confident using your technology.Learn more


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What Our Clients
Have to say:

“Plait Solutions helped us select equipment and software based on our needs, ordered and installed the system, and gave us basic training in using it. When we have run into and/or created problems, Plait Solutions has solved them for us in a timely and professional manner. We have recommended Sid to many friends; they have thanked us for sharing his skills in solving their computer problems.

Without a doubt, Sid Plait is the most professional service person that has ever entered our home. We recommend him for any computer-related needs or problems.”

The Browns
Roswell, Georgia

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