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Commercial Services

Equipment sourcing, purchase, and installation:
When you grow your business, we’re there to help. We can

  • Perform a needs analysis to determine whether or not you should upgrade to a full-blown server or set of servers
  • Back up and restore data; plan for disaster recovery
  • Construct a security wall to block your network from unwanted intrusions
  • Eliminate most spam
  • Provide safe methods for employees outside of your facilities to access your systems and printers; back up the data on their PCs
  • Determine how many network-based printers you need and where
  • Secure the best deal on equipment; handle the purchase and delivery on your behalf; sanitize and dispose of old components
  • Install new components and make them work with the equipment you already have; transfer data to the new system
  • Set up email and related devices such as notebook and pocket PCs, Blackberries, and cellular PDAs
  • Instruct your employees about system health and security
  • Perform preventive maintenance tasks on a scheduled basis to keep your systems healthy and working at top efficiency

Upgrade installation:
Let us keep your business up-to-date with the latest versions of software and security appliances. We can

  • Install and deploy software patches and upgrades
  • Add memory or new hard drives
  • Add a highly-reliable Network Attached Storage (NAS) unit to your network for sharing large files among your employees
  • Clone systems to address growth
  • Migrate to new security features and hardware

Moving, expansion, set up, and installation services:
Moving or growing in place? We’ll help you move your systems safely and minimize downtime. Count on us to

  • Wire your new or existing space for network and telephone to accommodate growth
  • Provide hybrid wired/wireless networks
  • Purchase, clone, and configure equipment so that employees are productive immediately
  • Safely move and install your existing equipment and test your network in your new location

Preventive maintenance:
Don’t struggle another minute with slow computers, blue screens, and error messages! Let us

  • Clean up old files and outdated software
  • Free up disk space to make your computer run efficiently.
  • Update and run anti-virus software, spyware protection, and firewalls
  • Back up data; set up an automated backup system

Repairs and data recovery:
Depend on us to respond quickly when you have a problem. We’re experts at fixing problems and finding lost files when something goes wrong. We’ll

  • Respond quickly with a convenient on-site appointment
  • Diagnose the problem and explain your options
  • Perform repairs and provide suggestions to help you avoid future trouble
  • Stay with you until the systems are back online and functioning normally

Take advantage of all of the capabilities your system offers. We can provide the one-on-one or group training you need to maximize productivity. Depend on us to

  • Teach your employees how to use Windows®, Mac OS, and popular software applications like Microsoft Word, Outlook®, PowerPoint®, Excel®, QuickBooks, and Peachtree software.
  • Train designated employees to perform routine scans and preventive maintenance if desired
  • Instruct your team in synchronizing PDAs/cell phones with applications on the computer.


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What Our Clients
Have to say:

“I’ve known Sid Plait since 2004, and have used his services in my business office as well as in my home. Sid gives straight answers and does what he says he will do with professionalism and with quiet good humor. He took the time to understand my requirements in both my office and my home, so that he could best advise me on options, features, costs and timeframes. Then he delivered on time and within the costs we’d discussed. He’s done complicated technical configurations for me in the office as well. As my needs have changed over time, he’s been responsive when I call, and delivers consistent excellent service on everything he has done for me.

I’m honored to have Sid as a friend as well as a valued business associate, and I highly recommend him for your computer and networking needs.”

D. Funderberke
Roswell, Georgia

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